What is Suzuki Talent Education?

Suzuki Talent Education ("Suzuki Method") is based on the pedagogical insights of Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998), and is the most widespread approach in the world today for teaching children instrumental music. At the heart of Suzuki's philosophy is the concept of the "mother tongue": that all children learn, naturally and without apparent effort, their native language, down to the finest nuance of dialect--accomplishing this amazing task by listening and imitating sounds in their environment. Suzuki developed his "mother tongue" insight into a method for teaching violin: so that the child first learns music by listening to it and imitating the teacher. Music reading is introduced at a later stage, after the child has mastered holding the instrument and has learned a number of songs.

Another concept important to this approach is that a parent or guardian be present at the lesson; because he or she will serve as surrogate teacher the other six days of the week. The child cannot be expected to direct his/her practice until after several years of instruction. The triad of student + parent + teacher provides a strong foundation for success.

Weekly private (not class) lessons are the norm for Suzuki Talent Education. The usual lesson duration for young beginners is one half hour.

I have found that the Suzuki approach can be successfully applied to beginners of any age, including adults, who of course are responsible for their own practice, and typically graduate to a longer lesson sooner than kids.

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